I am a strategic partner to you— I manage, implement, and optimize your business operations to give time back to you and your team, increase revenue, and create the best possible experience for your customers. As your second-in-command, I am responsible for handling all the major parts of your business (ecommerce, blog, website development to name a few!), so you can focus on dreaming up what’s next in your business to help more people.  


DIGITAL production

I am an a creative, strategic, tech-savvy executor— I manage all digital content and systems. I love mastering back-end systems that run websites and seeing ideas come to life. This includes editing website HTML, CSS or graphics, scheduling promotions, and designing blogs. To you, this means, making sure your website and digital solutions are up-to-date and the best they can be. 


Project Management

I am the hub of it all— I manage every single detail (along with the big picture strategy) of each project. You have multiple projects going on at once— launching a new online course, upgrading your email system, setting up your speaking schedule for the year (and the list goes on!). It’s my job to manage team members, vendors, tasks, and timelines so you don't have to anymore. 



I am your secret weapon. Do you want an Online Business Manager, but can’t quite justify one yet? I’d love to help! I specialize in Online Business Management (OBM), but am also a qualified, enthusiastic, passionate Virtual Assistant (VA). I offer a scaled down OBM package so I can support you and your business where you are now, so your business can grow and thrive.


website creation

Do you have a busy in-person practice and are ready to expand your business into the digital space, but you've run into the following?

  • You have no time to think about it.

  • The idea of creating a website on your own is overwhelming. After all, you're an expert in your field, not a website designer.

  • You've worked with web producer before who doesn’t know the wellness industry at all, so you were stuck spending all your time explaining what you do to them.

My goal is to create a beautiful, functional website for your practice— one that you are proud of, that saves you time, and is an amazing user experience for your patients. I will guide you through the the entire process and can help you reach your business goals. 

Next? With a solid digital platform, we can work together to add new services to help your patients— online booking, online classes, webinars, a blog. (The possibilities are endless!)