KRISCARR.COM | crazy sexy wellness

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  • Digital Production— create and design landing pages for launches to drive customer interaction.

  • Funnel Creation— build funnels, steps, and incorporate proper software integration to build promotional funnels to drive list growth.

eatingwell.com | EatingWell Magazine

  • Digital Production— work directly with digital editors to produce daily nutrition and food articles. Edit code, photos and digital assets on articles, landing pages and homepage to ensure content is up-to-date and user friendly.

  • Recipe Editing— review recipes for grammar, readability, and style guide standards. Write descriptive recipe headnotes for SEO and reader interest with pertinent nutrition information.

  • Content Updating— select top-performing and relevant content to feature on the homepage. Write headlines and introduction paragraphs on landing pages.

  • Article Syndication—produce syndicated articles daily for both EatingWell.com and AllRecipes.com to feature relevant content and drive more traffic.

Jillian is a top-notch worker who has played a pivotal role in various projects here at EatingWell. Her extensive work on the Diabetic Living Magazine website migration helped ensure the successful publication of over 2,000 recipes and additional article content, helping to drive the site traffic and revenue needed to meet fiscal year goals. Jillian also jumped onboard to help with production needs, quickly learning the tools and steps necessary for publishing articles, updating website pages and processing images, going above and beyond to overcome challenges and improve processes to make it all work. She is organized, thorough, self-motivated and easygoing, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her.
— Victoria Seaver, Digital Meal Plan Editor at EatingWell Media Group

kategeagan.com | Kate Geagan, America's Green Nutritionist

  • Website Production—: manage and troubleshoot all website assets.

  • Executive Assistance— provide Executive Assistance to respond to email inquiries and blog comments.

  • Project Management— develop and maintain systems for concurrent client deliverables including research reports, presentations and social media posts.

  • Content Editing— edit blog content and titles, and perform keyword research to improve SEO value.

Jillian has been a brilliant addition to my team: she deeply understands the online ecosystem and how to optimize presence and influence, she helps me light that creative spark when I need it to move my vision forward. And I can always count on her to craft the nuts and bolts of project management that are essential to take my business to the next level.”
— Kate Geagan, Founder Kategeagan.com

growyourwildheart.com | Wild Heart Wellness

  • Branding Support— with first round of logos from a designer (that she was not happy with), brought Kate through a logo branding exercise to transform her ideas into feedback,. From that, the designer created her perfect logo.

  • Website Production— created a website from scratch wito best represent the brand. Established website standards to align with the new logo. Designed the user experience and implemented implemented solutions to solve business goals.

  • Online Business Operations implemented online booking software to save her time and miss less appointments. 

“I was overwhelmed by the process of representing my Massage Therapy/Yoga business online. I had heard about the wonders of online booking, but whenever I attempted to create a website I would become frustrated, confused and ultimately just give up.

Jillian + Spread Good Co. helped me by translating web design/marketing language into terms I could more easily understand. She listened patiently to what I envisioned and then helped me articulate what design, colors, layout etc. would best represent my business. The result moved me to tears of gratitude!

Jillian is charming, supportive, professional and passionate; let her be your liaison between the intimacy of your wellness practice and the necessity of building an online presence in this computer-based world. From the bottom of my heart, I recommend Jillian. to anyone who has wanted to make a beautiful website for their business but is stalling because of lack of experience or fear! Thank you!”
— Kate McCarthy, Founder of Wild Heart Wellness

vermontwellnessmedicine.com | Dr. Amy Littlefield

  • Website Creation—completely redesigned her existing website. This included: a new logo, site map, brand new content, content strategy and development, and a new design to position Dr. Littlefield as a leading expert in her field. 

  • Online Business Operations— added online resources and patient paperwork thew new website to save Dr. Littlefield and her team time and resources.

Jillian was delightful to work with and was an organized and detailed project manager. She understands the the industry standards, exceeds them and help me to create priorities of communication that were exceptionally valuable in website design.
— Amy Littlefield, ND, FABNO, LAc, MSOM, Founder Vermont Wellness Medicine


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  • Website Creation— Developed new site map and implemented a new site design to represent her new brand as a mindfulness teacher and author.

  • Domain Transfer— Successfully transferred her existing Wordpress site and domain to Squarespace, so she didn’t have to think about the technical requirements and could have confidence it was all done correctly.

Jillian is an amazing website developer. She was patient and kind as I shared my limited vision - clear & clean. With those two words, she quickly got to work - creating exactly what I imagined (and more), in a way that is easy for me and my users to interface with. She is thorough in her work and on the pulse of what is current and engaging. Plus, I love spending time with her!
— Rebecca Brenner


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  • Website Creation—created a brand new website to reflect her new brand, allow potential clients to clearly understand her practice, and contact her to book appointments.

  • Branding/Logo Direction—worked with Bridget and a logo designer to bring her vision to life!