My passion for personal wellness came to light when I received a very serious health diagnosis. Once the initial feeling of "shit, cancer" subsided, I knew I wanted to empower myself to heal.


In addition to my never-ending research (yes, I even read peer-reviewed journals!), I created an integrative team to support me — a naturopathic doctor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, therapist, a nutritionist, a mindfulness teacher. I soaked up every sweet morsel of information. The only thing I loved more than learning?  Sharing with others. (People tell me I literally light up when I do!)


When working with integrative health professionals to create their online presence, my background comes into play both as a content creator, a website designer, a patient, and passionate researcher. I understand the ins-and-outs of the digital land, can view content from the perspective of the patient, and genuinely believe in what we create together.


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You are an integrative wellness professional— you work in the wellness industry and provide a service to help others heal. You have been running the show to create a thriving business. But, you’ve reached a point where you are bogged down with your overwhelming to-do list, which takes time away from seeing patients, creating content, or developing programs to reach even more people.


That’s where I come in! My experience and knowledge in the digital industry can give you your time back, increase your revenue, and create an even better experience for your patients and customers. I can help you transition from doing to being in your business.  


My genuine love for and knowledge of the wellness space can give you the confidence that I have your back. I believe in you and your mission, and that makes all the difference.