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I'm on a mission to help people help people—to help integrative wellness professionals spread
their healing messages.

The creation of Spread Good is truly a dream for me.
It is where my professional experience
and my personal passion intersect.

This means, helping run your business
or developing beautiful, functional,
professional websites from the heart.
For me, it's not just a business, it's personal.

Jillian Ritter 

Jillian is a top-notch worker who has played a pivotal role in various projects here at EatingWell. She is organized, thorough, self-motivated and easygoing, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her.
— Victoria Seaver, Digital Editor at EatingWell Media Group
Jillian has been a brilliant addition to my team: she deeply understands the online ecosystem and how to optimize presence and influence, she helps me light that creative spark when I need it to move my vision forward.
— Kate Geagan, America's Green Nutritionist
Jillian helped me by translating web design/marketing language into terms I could more easily understand. She listened patiently to what I envisioned and then helped me articulate what design, colors, layout etc. would best represent my business. The result moved me to tears of gratitude!
— Kate McCarthy, Wild Heart Wellness